Genki Notes

Create your own Genki Notes Project

  1. Provide each student with a standard 8.5 X 11 piece of paper. All colors accepted, but please no food items or glitter.
  2. Encourage students to be artistic. Pictures and drawings mean the same thing in every language. Written letters (in English or Japanese) are great too.
  3. Fill out and print the form below. Mail this form together with the Genki Notes to the following address:
    Genki Notes
    P.O.Box 1155
    Easton, MA 02334

Genki Notes Submission Form (PDF)

Incorporate the Genki Notes project into a full lesson plan on Japan.

Download the lesson plan by clicking here.


When I initially told my students of this Genki Notes project, I explained to them that whatever they write or draw on a piece of paper could make a huge difference to our friends in Japan who are struggling to pull their lives back together. Just knowing that people clear across the Pacific Ocean are pulling for them and encouraging them to face tomorrow with a sense of hope and courage makes all the difference in the world to our Japanese friends - even for just a brief moment. Upon hearing this, every student did his/her utmost to create a poster that will definitely bring hope to those suffering now in Japan.
-Allison Iishi

As for my students, as we had been studying the earthquake and tsunami's effects on the people of Sendai, the Genki notes helped the students to heal from the sadness that they were feeling for the people from the battered region. My only instruction in assigning the letters was to write a letter and illustrate so as to bring a smile to the person reading it.
-Elsie Yoshimura