About Genki Notes

Genki Notes (coming from the Japanese word for a source of happiness and energy) is a joint project between the U.S.-Japan Council, Emerson College and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. The project aims to bring a breath of hope, a smile or a laugh to the people of Northeastern Japan in the form of hand-made notes of support.

Children of all ages are encouraged to write or draw messages for Japanese people who continue to live in evacuation centers in the Tohoku region, even months after the earthquake and tsunami. Genki Notes can be written in English, Japanese or simply the universal language of images depicting empathy and encouragement. We have already received Genki Notes from children, schools and community groups from Honolulu, Toronto, New York, and everywhere in between.

In addition to being posted online, Genki Notes will be sent to Japan, translated into Japanese and hand- delivered to the shelters this spring. Genki Notes have the power to bring smiles to both children and adults.


Will the notes get to Japan?

Absolutely. Genki Notes is a joint project between the U.S.-Japan Council, Emerson College and the Japan Foundation CGP. These organizations will assist in delivering the Genki Notes to evacuation centers in the Tohoku region. Children of all ages and adults look forward to receiving the Genki Notes!

Other ways to help

If you would like to contribute to relief and rebuilding efforts in Japan, visit www.usjapancouncil.org/fund. The U.S.-Japan Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established the U.S.-Japan Council Earthquake Relief Fund after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The Council has already raised about $2 million and has been disbursing funds directly to on-the-ground Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These organizations work to provide immediate relief and recovery and are committed to supporting the long-term rebuilding of Northeastern Japan.

How can you help?